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AvexiA Sign Exclusive Dealership

1st October 2008

AvexiA has added HD Video Streaming solutions to its UK operation. IP Video Systems HD V2D (Video-to-Data) HD Streaming products are the best the industry has. This technology allows ‘real-time’ HD video to be; securely sent, managed and recorded using IP networks.

AvexiA was chosen due to their technical knowledge and understanding of high-performance collaboration environments.  Pro Systems International is the recently appointed EMEA distributor for IP Video Systems (a US company) and UK MD; Henry van der Helm commented on AvexiA’s dealership agreement as follows...”AvexiA are an ideal partner for these solutions as they are a technology focused company with an engineering base and an excellent track record of delivering high-quality systems”.
AvexiA is planning a demonstration day for companies and organisations who would like to learn more and see this outstanding new development in ‘HD Content Delivery’ and ‘Collaboration Control’ in action.

Typical applications for this technology include (but are not limited to):

Oil & Gas 

Oil and Gas



Defence & Research 

Defence and Research

   Networked Simulation & Distance Learning 

Networked Simulation and Distance Learning


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