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ClearOne - Audio Conferencing

ClearOne are market leaders in all types of audio conferencing systems, with the most extensive range available. All variants are available from AvexiA, from basic 'personal' audio conferencing through to very high performance integrated systems for large groups.

Personal Audio Conferencing - Information Downloads

● Connect to Multiple Devices            ● Expandable                                   ● Suitable for Video Conferencing 

● Suitable for Skype                          ● Link to Enterprise Phones              ● Quality Sound


Tabletop Audio Conferencing - Information Downloads

● Connect to Multiple Devices            ● Expandable                                     ● Secure

● Wired or Wireless                           ● For Small or Large Groups               ● High Performance Quality Sound


Premium Audio Conferencing - Information Downloads

● Premium Stand Alone Audio Conference Solution      ● Multiple AEC     ● Full Control    ● Speaker Bundles

Professional Audio Conferencing for Full System Integration

● Ultimate Audio Performance    ● Full Integration with Professional Control Systems    ● For All Room Sizes