Glassboards, sometimes referred to as glass writing boards, provide offices and working spaces with modern and stylish writing surfaces that will always look great.

We can provide 'natural glass' glassboards (with a green tint), pure white glassboards or in different shades of colour to blend with corporate identities and branding. In addition, we also offer glassboards with magnetic backing to increase versatility.

AvexiA Code: AVE21000L 1000mm x 650mm Glassboard
AvexiA Code: AVE21200L 1200mm x 1000mm Glassboard
AvexiA Code: AVE21500L 1500mm x 1000mm Glassboard
AvexiA Code: AVE22000L 2000mm x 1000mm Glassboard
Special Bespoke Sizes Available