HD Video Streaming

High Definition Video Streaming

AvexiA are pleased to introduce the most advanced method of HD video streaming for highly detailed content; supporting ultra high resolution; including 1920 x 1080 and up to 2560 x 1600 resolution with high frame rates for real time playback and recording over IP networks.

With ever increasing competition, companies need to adopt methods of working that allow decisions to be made faster, but with absolute accuracy. Historically, any company or organisation that wanted to share detailed live images had little option but to travel to meet.

AvexiA now offer a truly viable alternative that can have a huge impact for any collaborative organizations or where detailed presentations need to be made to different parts of the world in ‘real time’.

This HD audio video streaming technology is not intended to replace traditional video conference equipment. Such products will always have a place, but the higher compression techniques used by traditional VC systems (including HD VC) prohibit them from providing a true ‘pixel for pixel’ solution. We use the term; ‘pixel for pixel’ simply because for some requirements, every pixel is vital and using any distribution method that either removes or alters a pixel could have dramatic implications.

Compression techniques are used: however they are ‘visually lossless’ and the system can be set such that frame rates can be either increased or decreased depending upon the individual need (e.g. a surgeon may need to see how another doctor uses a scalpel with a completely clean movement, whilst a geophysicist may deem it essential to view every single pixel without the need for a high frame rate). For most applications, the frame rate and resolution can be set for stunning results and some of the world’s finest companies have adopted this technology with amazing success .

Live HD streaming images can be sent to software clients on standard PCs (obviously the PC specification will have an impact on performance and AvexiA can provide guidance on this), therefore allowing multiple participants to be part of the content sharing process.

Up to fifty streams can be recorded (soon to increase to an indefinite amount) and playback can either be frame synchronous (i.e. everybody viewing sees exactly the same frame) or streams can be recorded and viewed individually (e.g. this application works well for allowing students to view content in their own time and their own time zone).

Aside from the ability to send, receive and record very high quality real time images, the system also allows full duplex control over a PC that may be used for the creation of the content. Thus, teams in different locations can not only view information, they can also work on the same PC model, again in real time.

Typical applications for HD Video Streaming include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Defence & Government
  • Surgical & Medical
  • Education 
  • R & D

Military Applications - View Video

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Medical Applications - View Video

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