Managed Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing systems, and general unified collaboration technology are now so widely used, AvexiA provide several new managed services to simplify communication and allow you to leverage an advantage with your existing equipment saving you time and money.

Managed Bridging Services

Whatever type of video conferencing systems you may have - their make and the infrastructure they operate on - we can offer very competitive ways to 'bridge' them together, allowing group 'meetings' to take place.

  • Monthly Payments
  • Ad Hoc Options
  • Fully Managed
  • Personalised VC Bridging ("Welcome to the <Your Company/Organisation> video conference bridge")

Managed Firewall Traversal

Harness your existing 'free' IP network, by using our firewall traversal services. These allow you to comunicate with other IP video conferencing systems that are not on your own network, without needing expensive ISDN lines.

  • Annual Set-Up
  • Combine with Bridging Services

Managed ISDN Gateway

If you need to communicate with legacy ISDN video conference systems, but don't wish to commit to an expensive ISDN installation, with high monthly bills, use our ISDN gateway services. These allow you to use your IP 'only' video conference endpoints and communicate with any ISDN only system.

  • Incoming Calls
  • Outgoing Calls
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Ad Hoc Options

Combined Equipment Leasing and Managed Services

AvexiA now offer tax efficient leasing solutions, that can also combine managed services, allowing you to pay just one monthly payment.

  • Payments are spread evenly over the life of the asset
  • VAT is paid on each payment rather than a lump sum up front
  • Ability to upgrade equipment during lease with our 'Equipment Refresh Programme'
  • Cash retained in your business and existing lines of credit are left unaffected


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